Hotel as home: Introducing a bespoke hotel stay
A quirky office with historic features
Six homes for respite and joy
Weathering the coast
Collapsing the threshold between inside and out
Activating the senses
An absolute game changer
Finding context in the void
Elevating hospitality at work
A journey of reductionism
Agility, diversity and community – this is a modern workplace
A workplace with heart and soul
Incubating ideas and co-creation at its core
On stage, off stage
Hybrid working with polished finesse
Instilling movement through curves
How to bring branded subtlety into the workplace
Standing strong in the landscape
Cultivated living among nature
Framing a secret garden
Crafting a home at Walsh Street
Redefining what a legal chamber can be
Industrial chic on an epic scale
Free to move around: This is ABW at work
The essence of Melbourne in design
Adding a sense of arrival
A play of shadow and light
A moody palette for luxury living
A glowing box wrapped in white
Floating and curvaceous
A lightning rod stair
Design essentialism
Crisp detailing fused with heritage charm
Setting the scene for third spaces
History meets modernity
A statement tower
From day to night: Creating multi-functional hospitality
Monolithic retail
Downsizing in style
Screening views through timber
Undulating Mesh
Drama and elegance
Rural narratives brought to life
Design classicism
A container for living
Shifting planes and echoed symmetry
Amplifying the urban rhythm
A great glass atrium
Modulatory meets the coast
A layered Japanese aesthetic
When a sculptor and an apartment tower collaborate
An office gets rezoned
An enduring pavilion in the trees

What does it mean to elevate the human experience?

Carr is an architecture and interior design studio based in Melbourne with a timeless approach that fosters connection.

Every detail is thoughtfully considered, coalescing in work that forges new ground while remaining true to our philosophy and vision.


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