The Cambium featured on Design Anthology

14 October 2022
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Designed by Melbourne-based studio Carr, The Cambium is a considered retreat for professionals looking to recalibrate and refresh. Design Anthology article excerpt below.

The Cambium. Photography by Tom Ross.

Tucked away in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, The Cambium is a revelation. ‘It’s a true sanctuary,’ says Sally Marasco, who developed the business retreat with her husband Damien. ‘You come down this road and you’re wondering, “Where am I going?” And then you’re met by these beautiful buildings.’

The property is named after the layer of tissue between the bark and wood of a tree where rapidly dividing cells form new life. Having spent many years in the business strategy and conference trade, Sally had seen her fair share of uninspiring hotel rooms, high-carb lunches and florescent lighting. She’s a firm believer that places shape people and their experiences, and so she set out to create an environment where teams could come together to regenerate and create meaningful change.

Led by Melbourne-based architecture and interior design practice Carr, the incredible transformation took only 12 months to complete. The team focused on stripping everything back to reveal the materiality of the building, with wood, bricks and glass dominating. The result is simple yet sophisticated, and everything has been designed to encourage communal interaction and to bring people together in both a place and a manner that encourage deep reflection and creative thinking.


Publication – Design Anthology
Publication date – October, 2022
Link to story – The Cambium is a sanctuary for professionals