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3 September 2021
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From the informative to the humorous, the Carr team share a selection of the podcasts they are currently enjoying.

HBR IdeaCast (Harvard Business Review)

This is one of my favourite podcasts featuring leading thinkers in business and management. It’s a great way of keeping me connected to the outside world and to the current issues impacting how we work. The episodes are short, sharp, and engaging, and go a long way towards getting in those 10,000 steps during remote working!

Listen here.


– Etoile Nasrallah

You’re Wrong About

I enjoy tuning in for their progressive, interesting, and hilarious conversations around misunderstood media events.

Listen here.


– Kiaya Byrne

Advance Copy
Episode 2: Partnerships and regenerative systems with Kristine Kim 

These personal conversations between independent design thinkers have really opened my eyes to the meaningful efforts businesses are taking to make a positive impact on the world.

This particular episode hears social justice advocate Kristine Kim and her steps to improve the fashion industry’s supply chains through creating a ‘value chain’.

Listen here.


Ten percent happier

When I’m needing a little inspirational pick-me up, I turn to this podcast. I love the accessibility of each episode’s scientific insight on human behaviour combined with simple wellness practices. Great one to listen to on a morning walk.

Listen here.


– Stephanie Kukulka

The Joe Rogan Experience
Episode 1109: Matthew Walker and ‘Why we sleep’

I enjoy listening to this podcast in general but this one in particular about sleep was very interesting.

“Sleep is the greatest legal performance enhancement drug. In sports, for example, you can get 20-30% better overnight by just getting enough sleep after a practice. Meanwhile, getting six hours of sleep or less will make your physically exhausted up to 30% faster.”

Listen here.


– Mark Graus


In this podcast, architect Matthew Blunderfield interviews architects, artists and designers about their work, ideas and process. Matthew’s research is incredibly in-depth, which contributes to conversations that are insightful and specific. Some of my favourite interviews are with Adam Caruso, Tom Emerson, OK-RM, Mary Duggan,  Irénée Scalbert and Francesca Torzo.

Listen here.


Register – Architecture and Landscape

This brilliant podcast was recommended to me by a colleague. It is run by Kingston University London, and in each episode, Andrew Clancy interviews an architect or landscape architect. The episodes are fascinating to listen to and explore what it takes to produce thoughtful work in architecture today. Some of my favourite episodes are with Tony Fretton, O’Donnell + Tuomey, Gunther Vogt, Tom de Paor and Lütjens Padmanabhan.

Listen here.


– Stephanie Poole


Chat 10 Looks 3
Episode 119: Quarterly Essay: Men at work

Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales chat about some of the historical issues on balancing work and domestic responsibilities, the power of ‘cultural norms’ and other contributing factors as to why more dads aren’t taking parental leave in Australia. They also discuss how Australia compares internationally.

Listen here.


– Samantha Stefanou

Revisionist History

Insight to the past – an event, a person or an idea – questioning whether we got it wrong and could it be done better.

Listen here.


– Rob Compagnino



A podcast that looks at big ideas – habits, happiness, relationships – great guests and insightful chats. Best enjoyed on a stroll.

Listen here.


No such thing as a fish

Hosts (from the TV show QI) bring to the table the best facts they’ve heard that week. It’s funny, light-hearted banter and a fabulous way to start accumulating those random facts.

Listen here.


– Lucy Cuthbertson


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