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6 April 2024
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Lacquered in warm timber tones and complemented by high-quality furniture and fixtures, the new HQ for Salta Properties is a home away from home.

Since the tumultuous, unnameable times (*cough* the pandemic *cough*), the work-from-home model has been normalised and popularised more than ever before. So, it comes as no surprise that the concept and need for well-designed offices is paramount. Listless and meagre working spaces have become defunct, and the corporate world has instead seen the rise of designers creating convivial working environments that incite employees to minimise their days working from home.

Carr has designed the new Salta Properties head office – a property development and investment business – with an ebullient and warm atmosphere that acerbically prioritises people. As a people-oriented business, Salta values long-term thinking and an innovative approach with a workplace to match. Carr considered each design detail and the necessity for versatile spaces, frictionless technology and sustainable practices.

Salta and Carr have worked together a couple of times, the first being on Salta’s previous Melbourne workplace and the latter the design of the new and improved headquarters. With the lease expiring and exponential growth within the company, Salta seized the opportunity to invest further into its people and cultural environment to ensure the innovative and transformed workplace was a workspace that reflected its values and progressive mindset.


Publication – Indesign Live
Publication date – 27 March 2024
Link to story – Carr completes the ‘future office’ for Salta Properties in Melbourne