Watch: A hidden coastal home with breathtaking views with The Local Project

6 March 2024
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Presented by The Local Project, the Peninsula House video feature follows Founding Principal Sue Carr and Associate Lucy Cuthbertson sharing the architectural and interior design inspiration behind this coastal home.

Peninsula House is conceived as a contemporary farmhouse, set within rolling agricultural farmland on a rugged coastline of Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. Presented as a striking pavilion structure, the large dwelling appears almost civic in its scale, with the rectangular form standing singularly on the ridgeline. Embedded in the conceptual framework of Peninsula House is a series of dichotomies, experiences, and journeys that come together to create a home that is monolithic yet enveloping and intimate.

“The brief from our clients had two key elements. The first being somewhere they could house their amazing art collection and celebrate that. And the second being, a house that could accomodate the two clients and feel cosy and then could expand when they have family and guests coming to visit,” explains Lucy.

Also delivering the interior design response, Sue adds, “The idea from the entry was to create an undulating carriageway to arrive at a beautiful pristine courtyard. The northern arrival was then the experience of entering the property internally and immediately capturing the amazing coastal view. The second experience was the art gallery, which you enter as a public entry. But the private entry was on the southern spine, so the client could move through the spaces without entering the public gallery. There’s dual access on the property and two elevations that are equally important.”

Watch the full video feature below.

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