Head in the clouds

25 January 2020
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The latest creative project by architectural photographer Trevor Mein explores the natural phenomenon and colour palettes made in the sky.

An expansion of Trevor Mein’s Cloud Atlas collection, Stratosphere is the latest addition to the series, available at Otomys Gallery. Capturing the extremes of weather and the beauty that can be found within its shape shifting palettes, Stratosphere captures a rich palette of Prussian blues, violets and pale pinks. Less abstracted than some of the others in the collection, the latest additions run the gamut from gentle and ambient to dark and foreboding.

In ancient Greek Mythology, the deity Atlas carried the weight of heaven on his shoulders. As these images stretch up into the high reaches of the sky, the viewer is reminded of the earth’s fragility and mother natures ability to unleash violence upon us. It’s this ephemeral and delicate dichotomy that sets a reminder to the tenuous nature of our future on the planet.

Some are rich and distinct, while others bring forth a soft painterly quality, the latest additions expand the Cloud Atlas, showing the utter diversity and fleeting nature that defines the sky above us.