Red Hill Farm House

Rural narratives brought to life

Red Hill, VIC
Completed 2018
Architecture in collaboration with
Landscape consultant

Red Hill Farm House celebrates the surrounding architectural and design vernacular, but has been reinterpreted as a modern home exuding a rural character while embracing the function embedded deep in its design.

Red Hill Farm House. Photography by Sharyn Cairns.

With views defined by sweeping paddocks dotted with livestock and distant glimpses of a horseshoe-shaped coastline, a centrally sited home sits embedded in the landscape with a subtlety and restraint that belies its function as a hard-working family home exposed to the elements and often ferocious weather patterns.

The design intentionally omits ornamentation seeking to minimise the palette of materials. The predominance of the vertical blackened timber cladding defines the fa├žade materiality and, when glimpsed from within, acts to constantly remind occupants of the rural narrative.

Red Hill Farm House. Photography by

Designed with an overriding sense of authenticity and rigour, multiple floor levels respond to the natural fall of the surrounding landscape and delineate activity, while a tough materiality of blackened timber, steel, glass, natural stone and concrete are featured in unrestrained sophistication balanced by a softness in the warm oak lining to the ceiling and joinery pieces.


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