The Future of Work

Carr hosted the first session in the inaugural Spring Breakfast Series. The program aims to extend the design excellence at the centre of Carr’s practice to thought leadership initiatives that challenge complacency, inspire new ways of thinking and drive innovation.

The conversation around creating workplaces for the next generation of recruits has centred on change management, flexible working arrangements and building environmentally sustainable offices. But how will the workplace function with a dramatic shift in new technology, where entire professions are made obsolete at an unprecedented rate?

How will our cities adapt to a drastic reduction in vehicles? How will architecture and urban planning respond to disused road networks and parking infrastructure? The opportunities to predict new needs and behaviours, and the products and services that will support them provide a great opportunity in the future, coupled with the considerable challenge to re-skill a workforce lost to automation.

Understanding the cumulative effects of these sorts of technology shifts across industries and professions is crucial to preparing our businesses and governments for the challenges and opportunities of the next twenty years.

We look forward to presenting on going insights in our Spring Breakfast Series across the different sectors of our business.

To mark the occasion of the Future of Work presentation, Carr released the White Paper: Communication Collaboration Overload – The Fight Back for Productivity