The International, Brighton

The International in Brighton is a development setting a new standard in luxury residential living. Through a distinct connection to the outdoors, coupled with refined design, The International brings a crafted approach that speaks to its extraordinary Bayside locale.

The International pays respect to its site and context of Brighton. From the outset the architecture sets the tone, with a precise form oriented toward the iconic views of the bay. Large, welcoming frames and openings puncture the exterior, creating portals through to the interiors. Timeless yet modern, The International stands strong with its articulated repetition.

Veils of greenery and the surrounding landscape of the site play a leading role in this project. Standing as a striking difference to the organic plant life, the architecture is robust in its form yet softened by the use of textured concrete.

The large glass openings flow through to the internal layouts creating scaled-up portals to the outside. This threshold between interior and exterior gently folds in on itself, providing solace and respite when inside, without creating a notion of disconnection. The blurring of the boundaries is deliberate and evocative.

The spatial planning for The International is generous, more akin to a luxury hotel, but considered detailing of what makes a home have also been captured. Views to the portal windows are preferenced wherever possible. We considered the daily lives of the inhabitants, and how their rituals could be shaped by the design. Putting thought into the ebbs and flows of living, space has been accommodated for even the smallest of details. From custom made storage, to the soft palette and diffused wall lighting, The International is imbued with sensory delights and textures that add to the richness of the interiors.

Threaded throughout the project are generous balconies, courtyards and perimeters of landscaping to ensure each apartment offers plentiful private open space while also contributing to the overall architectural expression of the building. In addition to the balconies, our design incorporates a rooftop space, complete with dining tables, BBQs and bench seating, an inclusion that presents an idyllic spot for entertaining for all residents.

The interiors a defined by a deliberate minimalism, allowing the owner to personalise the spaces however they see fit. Natural, refined, effortless elegance, the materiality of each apartment features premium finishes, natural stone, custom joinery, Gaggenau appliances, gas fireplaces and world-class lighting. The power of light should not be understated. Speaking openly to the surrounding landscape, The International preferences the viewpoints out to the greenery outside. The soaring framed views let natural light pour in, instilling luxury and comfort.

The amenities at The International are vibrant and community driven. Highly curated to offer the best in lifestyle experiences, the project includes a generous private dining room, an office space and an onsite café, all for use by the residents.

Client: Landream
Address: 81 Bay Street, Brighton
Status: Sales
Residences: 59
Photography: Timothy Kaye
3D Renders: Gabriel Saunders