Cube House

A container for living

Edgevale Road Kew, VIC
Completed 2015

A compact site with a heritage overlay, Cube House can be seen as a series of offset cubes making a modern addition for the family that lives here.

The brief was to create a compact home for a family of four. Creating juxtaposition to an existing Victorian house, the addition is a series of offset cubes with window openings clad in perforated metal mesh, consistent with the design direction of a refined ‘container’.

The refurbished original house provides two children’s bedrooms with a large family bathroom. The new stru­­cture adds a playroom and an open plan living, dining, kitchen and laundry area at the ground floor, with a luxurious master suite at the first floor. A study for the contemporary terrace form, the project works to maximise the envelope within stringent rescode guidelines.


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