Riverlee Melbourne

Interior Design

In a move to demonstrate Riverlee’s brand values, this workplace sees the creation of a high end boutique environment; the merging of technology and innovation with a sense of warmth and inclusiveness more commonly found in a hospitality or residential space.

Interiors purposefully allude to those found in a residential environment – a breakout space that feels like home, meeting rooms that appear more as private studies, areas for retreat and privacy balanced against areas for collaboration and connection.

Riverlee’s culture is focused on togetherness, team and mutual respect. The interior planning and materiality responds with a strong visual transparency and cross connection across the floor plate, providing unified and light filled spaces.

The result is a considered, rigorously detailed workplace that has as its core a sense of warmth and engagement.

Client – Riverlee
Address – 379 Collins Street Melbourne, VIC
Status – Completion 2017
Scope – Interior Design
Photography – Peter Clarke