Gaggenau Melbourne

Architecture and Interior Design

Working with the existing historic framework of an original red brick warehouse, Carr’s focus was to transform the Gaggenau brand experience in inner city Melbourne to something unique and rare, a curated experience that brings together design, architecture and culinary encounters. In embracing the charm and heritage qualities of the building, Carr restored the historic red brick work of the existing warehouse but in a nod to precision and innovation – key core values important to Gaggenau – the insertion of modern steel framed portals puncture the entry points providing a contemporary and distinctive sense of arrival to the two individual yet adjacent showrooms.

A strong connection to Gaggenau’s 335-year history and their German origins was a defining part of the original brief. Having been founded in 1683 in the small German village of Gaggenau, at the foot of the Black Forest, this strong relationship to heritage and history and the age of industrial craftsmanship was important to the brand.

Engaging with the brand’s origins, the entry to Gaggenau’s showroom is dramatic, moody and dynamic demonstrating a strength and power reflective of the brand values. More akin to a gallery, tall black mirrored towers reflect the darkened inky black surrounds. Punctuating the space, these towers allude to tall trees within the dense, Black Forest of the brand’s heritage. Product is hidden from view until further exploration sees appliances inserted randomly within each tower, lit from above like a gemstone in a jewellery box. Like a sculptural intervention, the luxury and contemporary detailing of each item is emphasised and celebrated.

The experience is highly sensory with product seeming to hover and glow within its black mirrored envelope. Inky coloured original brick walls and a raw, black straw board lining to ceiling give the illusion of being within the Black Forest itself – the articulated form of the mirrored towers representing the verticality of the forest trees whilst from its depths, the colour and light of product allude to the first roar of flames and hammering of molten metal defining Gaggenau’s beginnings.

Address – 192-196 Coventry Street South Melbourne, VIC
Status – Completion 2018
Scope – Architecture and Interior Design
Photography – Earl Carter