Jackalope on Conde Nast Traveler’s Top Hotels to Visit Around the World

29 September 2017
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Amid the vineyards and rustic B&Bs of the Mornington Peninsula, an hour southeast of antipodean foodie mecca Melbourne, sits a 23-foot-tall metal sculpture of a jackalope. As black as Darth Vader, the mythical creature (a rabbit with antelope horns) is the whimsical mascot of Australia’s newest luxury boutique hotel—which, like its namesake, is a hybrid: part hotel, part winery, with a restaurant and art space.

The Jackalope was dreamed up by Louis Li, 30, a graduate of cinema studies with a penchant for David Lynch who also happens to belong to a family of hotel developers. “Li’s vision was to create a unique escape fueled by his love of film and art,” says Sue Carr, of Melbourne’s Carr, which did the surrealistic interiors. “Our challenge was to provide excitement while creating a place for calm retreat.”

Publication – Conde Nast Traveler
Publication date – 29 September 2017
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Jackalope Collaborators

Identity and Environmental Design – Fabio Ongarato Design