Kay and Burton – The Future of Interior Design

Sue Carr was invited by Kay and Burton Real Estate to talk about the future of Interior Design. Sue discusses her approach to light, detail, aesthetics and materiality. She talks about the importance of converging architecture with interior design to create unified space.

Australia 108 by Carr

“Designed as luxurious homes in the sky, the apartments draw on extensive knowledge in bespoke and high-end residential spatial planning and expertise to create a unique offering for Australia 108” Chris McCue, Director of Architecture, Carr


A city of contrasts – Hong Kong is absorbing

There is the gritty side – the tiny flats with their exposed air conditioning units that rain down to the busy street below – but then there is the luxury. Home to some of the world’s most impressive retail spaces, Hong Kong is a city that pays attention to detail.

The Boston Consulting Group Sydney

As visitors enter BCG, they encounter ‘Light in Translation’ – a 12metre long light installation that features hundreds of artfully suspended panels. Each panel is intricately laser etched with one of 20 images, referencing the core industries to which BCG consults.


Play Time

With an artful sense of humour, Jaques Tati’s Playtime provides an analysis of our modern working lives.

Carr Studio