East Melbourne Residential Development

Architecture and Interior Design

Carr has recently undertaken a proposal for a low rise residential development in East Melbourne. The building study sought to provide an architectural response that sat harmoniously in the predominantly punched masonry low rise precinct. A recessed upper floor of rhythmic steel windows reflect the massing of pitched roofs of Victorian era apartment buildings. Internally all apartments are designed to be dual aspect to achieve natural cross ventilation through the plan. Stacking of structure to the basement car park grid and daylight to the core lead to an efficiency of each floor plate and low reliance on artificial lighting providing for a low energy usage proposal. Achieving up to 22 apartments for the the project builds on Carr’s high end residential specialty in boutique development projects.

Client – Icon Co Developments
Address – 26-34 Powlett Street East Melbourne, VIC
Status – Current
Scope – Architecture and Interior Design
Apartments – 22
3d Visualisation – Carr