Sue Carr


“I’m fascinated by subtlety in design. When you put all the subtleties together, the whole can be very strong.”

Nick Carr


“Carr’s growth has been forged from the exceptional commitment of our talented team, and the vision of our clients. The most important ingredient between this union is trust. We value, nurture and protect this more than anything else.”

Dan Cox

Director Interior Design

“Our passion is building lasting relationships with our clients through a highly collaborative and engaging design process, ultimately underpinned by mutual respect and trust.”

Chris McCue

Director Architecture

“Anchoring to a sense of context and history means that we aren’t distracted by fads and produce considered work that lasts.”

Stephen McGarry

Associate Director

“A fundamental of any Architect is the importance of looking intensely at a place in order to create a building that is specific to its context and in conversation with structures around it.”

Rosie Morley

Associate Director

“I’m interested in creating meaningful and unique environments; spaces that serve the public but also fulfill a client’s brand and vision.”

Maurice Toniolo

Senior Associate

“Bringing a design outline into realisation through detailed documentation and monitoring design adherence on site is instrumental to our end to end client service offer. This is what drives me.”

David Brooks


“Timelessness stems from a refined and honest response to context, user experience and materiality at the macro and micro level.”


Lucy Cuthbertson


“Thoughtful design stems from a collaborative approach to space, form, light and most importantly people.”

Nicole Coutts


“I am forever seeking unique and innovative design solutions that respond to our clients brand and vision. Importantly, delivering thoughtful design resulting in dynamic, functional spaces and a positive outcome for the user.”