White Paper: The Future of Work

Communication Collaboration Overload


Carr presents our White Paper on Digital Disruption: The Future of Work. The paper draws upon Carr’s extensive experience in workplace strategy with Australia’s leading professional businesses. The White Paper can be downloaded via the link below:

White Paper Communication Collaboration Overload

We live in a speedy world, a place where information is being delivered faster, buildings are getting higher and populations are growing larger. It’s a world of shared economies and gutsy entrepreneurs, of vertical villagers and denser cities. It’s a place where innovation thrives, social media is key and technology’s potential is limitless.

As businesses grow and adapt to this rich and highly complex world, what are the new systems, ideas, materials and technologies that will better equip them for the 21st century?

In what has already been a year of great change and transition, Carr is excited to be driving a program of thought leadership that will strengthen ties via education and innovation.