Carr Wins Victorian Architecture Award for Jackalope

Announced last Friday evening, Carr’s Architecture for Jackalope was awarded the Australian Institute of Architects Victorian Chapter Award for Commercial Architecture, proving the extraordinary calibre of hospitality design in Australia.


Carr Wins World Hotel Interior of the Year for Jackalope

Australian practice Carr has won the coveted World Hotel Interior of the Year 2018 award for their ground breaking Interior work on boutique hotel Jackalope.


Melbourne Square by Carr

“The interiors of Melbourne Square will redefine how we live, fusing design, architecture, creativity and community to create the extraordinary“ Sue Carr, Principal, Carr

Channel 9 Getaway 2017 – Unwinding at Jackalope

David Reyne from Getaway takes us back to Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula to visit Jackalope, one of Australia’s best places to relax and unwind.


Mr P Studio

Carr work closely with Mr P to create architectural visualisations that are at once inspiring, memorable, distinctive, atmospheric and most of all, tell a story.

In Residence – Claudio Silvestrin East London Apartment

Having collaborated on a number of occasions with Claudio Silvestrin, one of the world’s leading architects and interior designers, Carr has always admired Caludio’s minimalist approach; free of physical clutter but filled instead with light, shadow and sculptural forms.

In Residence – Joseph Dirand Paris Apartment

Having long been an admirer of Joseph Dirand’s work, here we take a look inside his Paris Apartment. Irresistible still-lifes seem to arise inconspicuously in every corner, revealing the Frenchman’s distinct version of minimalism: a nonchalant sophistication; a composed but slightly imperfect kind of cool.


BCG Digital Ventures by Carr – Immersion Room

The expulsion from the tunnel promotes a ‘reawakening’ and ‘revival’ quickly captured in the BCG Digital Venture investment and incubation centre – home to a hive of transformative and creative thought, energy and talent.


BCG Digital Ventures by Carr – Tunnel

The tunnel purposefully acts to challenge and agitate clients, to compel them to think in a different way, to contest the status quo; it’s taking the client and turning their preconceived thinking on its head.

In Residence – Amanda Levete North London Residence

A peek inside one of our favourite British architects whose work we admire for its ability to continually push boundaries and challenge conventions.


Carr’s Dan Cox Visits Japan’s Ryjoji Ikeda’s Test Patten (No. 5)

Japan’s Ryjoji Ikeda’s Test Patten (No. 5) is a lighting installation converting text, sound and moving image to barcode patterns and binary patterns of 0s and 1s.

The Park House by Carr

“At Carr we take into consideration the client, the place, the brief, the cost plan, the timing. Our response has at its core a powerful concept and logical outcome” Sue Carr, Principal, Carr